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Great Lakes Grand Banks Association Donation Program

This year the GLGBA board budgeted $250.00 for a donation to an organization that supports the by-laws of our association, some of which include: fostering safe, enjoyable and knowledgeable boating and promoting environmentally responsible boating.

With these objectives in mind, for this year we are opening up the nomination process for the donation to any American or Canadian non-profit organization that meets the criteria of our bylaws.

The nomination will need the following information to be presented in the form of a short paragraph that includes:

1. Name of the organization

2. Mission statement of the organization

3. Brief history of the organization (ie how long in existence, number of members, etc)

4. Who benefits from the donation

5. How does organization meet the GLGBA by law goals

The nominations will be limited to members of our board. Our board is truly representative of our organization. However any GLGBA member that wishes to nominate an organizaton can contact any board member and ask for that nomination to be presented on their behalf.

After reviewing the nominations that are presented, each board member present will have one vote. Each vote will be placed in a hat and one name will be picked by the President to receive the $250 donation.

After receiving the donation, an organization will be ineliglbe to receive another donation for two years.

In the upcoming years, nominees can be expanded to include individuals or scholarships to boating academies or other entities.


April 1 –nominations open

May 5 – all nominations must be into board members

May 10 – presentations at board meeting monthly meeting

June 1- all votes need to be emailed to the President

June 14 – President picks name “out of a hat “and winner is announced at the monthly board meeting and announced via email, Facebook to the general membership

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Martha Burris. Martha's email address and phone number are available on the Officers webpage on the Members Only side of the GLGBA website

Information on the board members may be accessed via website, and signing via your password, then click on the officers tab; board members names, email addresses and phone numbers are available there.

The Member Art Gallery

Raelee Edgar, co-owner of Bali Hai IV, GLGBA member and Professional Artist wrote the following: (and sent us a painting for her boat)
Ron and I really enjoyed our time at the Rendezvous! It was great meeting you and your wife. It was nice to be able to attach names to faces! What a lovely group of people!! Also, thank you for letting us tour your 49’… a beautiful boat too. It is so interesting to see the different layouts and how people have provisioned their boats. Fortunately, Bali Ha’i 4 was in FL for some work this summer and not back at Marsh Harbor Boatyard where we usually keep her. We are just heartbroken for the Bahamas. We know so many people there who are definitely in our prayers!! This photo was taken off of Manjack Cay. I’m enclosing the picture just for reference. The painting is oil on canvas 24x12” I work on commission and price by size/complexity. If you want to include it on the GBGLA page, I’d be honored. My website is Raelee Edgar's website
Photo #1 Painting #1

John Black just completed some very impressive pieces of art from the North Channel Rendezvous in 2016 (look closely and spot your boat)

Painting #1 Painting #2 Painting #3 Painting #4 Painting #5

Art from the Summer of 2012

Mark McMahon, artist renown, attended the 2012 Rendezvous at Parry Sound. Mark made two paintings of the event that can be purchased by members. The first is of Parry Sound on the Georgian Bay. The second painting is of Big Sound Marina in Parry Sound with several Grand Banks boats at the docks. This painting can have your boat name added to it.

There are several other drawings of locations in the North Channel and Georgian Bay that can be viewed in the Photo Gallery section of the Website. Mark McMahon can be contacted as follows:

Mark McMahon
321 S. Ridghe Road
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045
(847) 297-2604



We have added photos of the 2013 Frankfort Rendezvous to the Photo Gallery

General Notes

Keys! Need a blank Legge key for your Grand Banks? John Cahill has a stash of them and is willing sell them to needy members for a reasonable price. Contact John for details. His phone number and email address can be found in the Members Directory.

Shipment of Club Burgees Just Arrived and We are Taking Orders